Statement! Clothing With Purpose was born out of a desire to uplift, inspire, and to knock down the walls of preconceived biases and silence the voices of self-doubt. Our designs are reminders of all of the things we love about ourselves and the world, and are daily affirmations of faith and self-love.

 As a mother of two daughters, I wanted my children to grow up having a strong sense of self-worth, but also wanted them to be surrounded by positive images that encourage them to embrace their inherent beauty and unique identity. I wanted them to see that the possibilities are endless and no matter what others may think of them, they can achieve their dreams by being focused and pushing forward, even in the face of adversity.

 At Statement! Clothing With Purpose, we aim to provide quality designs and apparel that empower people to find their voice and walk in their purpose. Our products are created for women and girls of all walks of life: busy moms, career women, naturalistas, scholars, and those who are spiritually-minded. Our designs can be customized to meet your individualized needs and/or align with your organization’s mission. Our goal is to spread love and positivity one shirt at a time!


Peace and blessings,

 Janiene Campbell, Founder and Lead Designer